Money transfers made easy

Phone number not only for calls,
but also for transfers

MainIBAN creates the possibility to send and receive money even more conveniently, by simply indicating the phone number of the recipient.

Link your bank account with the phone number and step into the new era of transfers.

About MainIBAN

MainIBAN allows clients of all payment institutions and banks to perform transfers and receive money by indicating only the phone number of the recipient.

The principle of operation of MainIBAN is simple – the bank account number of the client is linked with the phone number which can later be used to perform payments easier and faster.

When the linking is completed, sending and receiving money becomes easy, as you do not have to remember any bank account numbers.

All you have to do is to select a contact from the contact list or enter a phone number. This solution is crucial for provision of service of instant transfers via smartphones.

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Go to, enter your personal phone number, your bank account number in the IBAN format and your name and surname. To the indicated phone number you will receive an SMS message with a confirmation code which you have to enter in order to complete the action.

After the numbers are linked, you will be able to receive money and, after your bank or payment institution joins the MainIBAN network, perform transfers by simply indicating the phone number of the recipient. Also, from November 2017, the Bank of Lithuania plans to implement instant payments. It means that money will reach the recipient immediately.

After performing a payment by phone number, the system of the payment institution (bank) addresses MainIBAN servers with a request to identify the bank account linked with the phone number. Then, MainIBAN provides the information on the account number and name and surname of the owner of the phone number, which the bank will use to perform the payment.
Linking the bank account is completely safe, as all data is encrypted. Moreover, the information is not disclosed publicly, but only to providers of payment services.
If the recipient has not yet linked his/her bank account with the phone number, s/he will be informed about the transfer via SMS message. The message will contain the information on the transfer amount and the sender. Also, the recipient will be requested to link his/her bank account with the phone number in 30 days. Otherwise, the money will be returned to the sender.

Payments are performed from the mobile application or system of the payment institution (bank, credit union). To perform a payment, you should select a contact from the contact list or enter a phone number.

Different payment institutions have separate systems; thus, for more detailed information you should contact your payment service provider.

Money will be transferred to the bank account which you have linked with your phone number.
If your phone number or bank account changes, you should link your current bank account with your phone number once again.
Contact us by phone +370 5 207 1558 or email [email protected].

For partners

MainIBAN invites all payment institutions: banks, electronic money institutions and payments systems to join the network and provide clients with the possibility to perform payments by phone numbers.

Joining MainIBAN is and will remain free of any charge till December 31, 2019. Later on, the price will be set by the regulation. Please contact us to receive all detailed information about the integration.

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Phone: +370 5 207 1558